Upcoming Events

Southern Bay Racing News You Can Use # 633:

Two Southern Bay Racer gatherings this week.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 26th, 6:30PM, at Hampton Yacht Club, Cruising Club of Virginia (CCV) will distribute the 2013 Racing Guide to CCV members. Membership (which includes the Guide) may be purchased at the gathering.


PARTY- SOUTH – Saturday late afternoon, March 30, 5pm-7pm, at MARKER 20 in downtown Hampton. DOYLE SAILS (Jim Miller and Eddie Williams) is sponsoring the complimentary beverages. SpinSheet magazine offers an online crew listing every year and the Crew Listing Party-South. IF you are looking for a ride or looking for crew, this is a good place to spend a couple of hours nobbing hobs with racing sailors of all stripes! And, you can go to www.spinsheet.com┬áto register for the online Crew Listing.