Why One-Design

Why we love One Design – published by North Sails in the 2014 One-Design Yearbook

You always know how you’re doing.

In one-design sailing there’s no mystery about where you stand in the fleet. One quick glance around the course tells all – for better or worse!

The racing is a true test of ability.

When all the boats are the same, differences in performance are due entirely to the people sailing them. You and your crew get all the credit when you win (and a great chance to learn something when you don’t).

It provides great tactical racing.

In one-design fleets, boats are usually close together. This makes the racing exciting, provides opportunities to learn about boat-on-boat maneuvering, and offers instant feedback about tactical and strategic moves you make.

There’s a boat and class that’s right for everyone.

In the world of one-design racing there’s something for everyone whether you like to sail fast, slow, singlehanded or with friends. US Sailing currently has 140 member classes to choose from!

The social atmosphere is fun!

In many classes, shore activities are just as important as what happens on the water. Most classes welcome spouses, families, kids and all enthusiastic sailors who want to learn. Fun is what keeps these sailors coming back.

You’re connected to a larger community.

One-design classes are large extended families, and regattas are like family reunions. Sailors make friends all over the country and stay connected through class newsletters, websites and regattas.

The racing is less expensive.

One-design boats are usually smaller with fewer crew, so the costs of campaigning are generally less. You can often buy a fast used boat inexpensively, and you don’t have to win an arms race to be competitive.

You get to do more racing.

One-design fleets usually sail lots of short races rather than a few long ones. This keeps the boats closer, gives you more chances to practice your racing skills and allows you to start over frequently (which is especially good if you’ve had a bad race).

There’s a lot of support available.

One-design sailors have many sources for help, whether they’re trying to find a good used boat or simply learn how to sail faster. The class organization usually provides numerous resources for its members. Sail-makers, boat-builders and experienced racers are always willing to help.


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